Plant and Workmanship Guarantees

Plant and Workmanship Guarantees

1) Carter's Southeastern Landscaping, LLC (herein after "Carter's) shall guarantee that all plant materials shall be delivered and installed in a healthy condition being free of pest infestations or fungi/bacterial infections. Should a client feel plant material was not delivered and installed in a healthy condition by Carter's this must be reported in writing to Carter's as soon possible but in any event within ten days of installation.

2) Carter's shall not be responsible for the health of plant materials following installation. In no event shall Carter's be responsible for damage to plant materials by influences outside of Carter's control this includes but is not limited to damage caused by pets, weather or pesticides not applied by Carter's.

3) The nursery providing the plant material may in some cases offer a guarantee; however, it is the sole responsibility of the client to obtain any refund or replacement available from the nursery. Upon request Carter's will provide the name of the nursery which provided plant materials which were installed on a client's property.

4) Carter's shall not be responsible for damage to client's property caused by delivery trucks or equipment. This shall apply to third party delivery trucks as well as equipment used by Carter's.

5) Carter's shall not be held responsible for any damage to invisible fences, irrigation systems, television cable or electric lines.

Change Orders and Contingencies

1) If any changes or cancellations are requested by the client after accepting a proposal the client shall be responsible for the cost of any materials which have already been purchased by Carter's for the accepted job.

2) If any changes or cancellation are requested by the client within twenty-four hours of when Carter's is scheduled to complete the work the client shall be responsible for the full cost of the accepted proposal.

3) No proposal or bid includes the cost of work or materials which may be necessary if unforeseen problems or circumstances arise. Should unforeseen problems or circumstances arise Carter's will receive written approval from the client prior to incurring additional costs beyond those specified in the proposal or bid.


1) If a client's check is returned by client's bank unpaid a $30.00 returned check fee will be added to the client's account in addition to any fees charged by the bank as a result of the check being dishonored.

2) All invoices are due upon receipt. If an invoice is not paid in full within thirty
(days) of the date of invoice a late fee of $50.00 in addition to a finance charge of 1.5% per month will be charged.